Preparing for the Musical in Art Class

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As our annual musical is coming together and everybody has been practicing their lines and their dance moves, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes! And we all know that the musical wouldn’t be complete without art.

Costumes, props, and sets are all in progress and have been a major part of our Art classes lately. From Grade 1 through Grade 8, everybody took part of the great adventure of prop-making. Grades 1-4 have been working on party desserts props, using papier mache and creating very light and yummy looking chocolate truffles. Upper Unit students colored them and decorated them to make them look even more delicious. Some students used sewing to create chocolate-dipped strawberries, and for a while, the first word that everybody said when they walked into the art room was: Yummy!

Today, Grades 1-8 tried on their costumes, and excitement was in the air! Hats, vests, skirts and fancy scarves were everywhere. Characters are starting to feel more real and are getting ready for show-time! It is so much fun to put on some bright colors to go along with the wonderful music.

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