Preparing for a Celebration in Lower Elementary


Students in Lower Elementary spent last week preparing for their part of the school-wide Celebration of Learning that took place on Friday. The Celebration of Learning is a time when students from all grades at McGuffey can invite their parents to come see their classrooms. Students in Grades 1-3 each chose two or three specific works or activities that they wanted to “present” to their family members, and they practiced their presentations several times ahead of the event. During the school day on Friday, these students cleaned and straightened their classroom, arranged several vases of flowers, prepared fruit kebabs as a snack for their visitors, and put the finishing touches on their presentations.

Getting a chance to show off their work, their knowledge, and their classrooms in a formal capacity has helped all of our students develop a keen sense of pride in their education. Thanks to all parents and family members who attended this year’s Celebration of Learning!

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