Pre-Primary: the Earth, Kindermusik, and grandparents

This past week the Pre-Primary Unit has begun their discussion of the Earth. We begin this discussion on a very basic level. The Earth is comprised of three major elements—land, water, and air. When we look at the sandpaper globe, the land is the brown area, where we live. We identify the continents and oceans and begin learning the Continents Song, which helps us remember the names.

We also discussed basic terms for smaller areas of land and water—island, lake, peninsula, gulf, isthmus, and strait. Children can explore these through books, three part cards, or by pouring water in our three dimensional landforms.

Building on our discussion of families, and in honor of Grandparents Day on September 9th, we read the book “Grandpa Green” and talked about the things we love about our grandparents.

We have also begun our Kindermusik program where each child has a chance to explore music by singing songs, moving their bodies, and reading stories.

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