Pre-Primary: North America

This week in Pre-Primary we begin looking more closely at each of the continents. Since it is the place we call home, we’re beginning by talking about North America.

We’re discussing this continent in two ways—one is the North America we know today, as well as the North America of the past. We talked about how Native Americans were the first people who lived on much of North America, and we discussed what it was like in the days before stores, cars, and skyscrapers.

We’ve stocked our social studies shelf with many works: North American artifacts, flags, globes, puzzle maps, costumes, photos, books, and art explorations. This allows each child explore the topic in a way that is best suited to them.

In our kindergarten studio we spent time digging deeper into the flags of North America. Each child received a map and stickers of each country’s flag. By matching the names on the maps and the names on the fabric flags they could place each sticker, working individually or in groups. Our pre-readers can accomplish this task by matching the first letters in each word. This is the beginning of decoding words, which they discover is a very valuable tool!

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