Pre-Primary: Argentina

As part of the Pre-Primary study of South America we have been talking about Argentina. An extremely long country, it holds a wide range of climates, and therefore a huge amount of diversity in geography and wildlife.

We were fortunate to be visited by one of our parents who has spent an extended time in Argentina. She brought with her many artifacts, including gourd cups which hold the Argentine tea, mate. There were traditional clothes, images of gauchos, and jars of dulche de leche. She even taught us a few words in Spanish!

In Argentina, the second Sunday in August is Children’s Day, a day that celebrates the wonder of childhood. There are many traditions, one of which is small donuts, filled with dulce de leche. Kerry brought these with her to share, and everyone thought they were delicious.

We closed out our visit with a lesson in the tango, which originated in Argentina. Special thanks to Kerry for taking the time to visit our classroom—what a treat!

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