Practicing the Pledge of Allegiance


Recently, students in Lower Elementary spent time learning and practicing the Pledge of Allegiance. Many students were already familiar with the pledge, but it also forms an important part of our study on the history of the United States of America. Students learned about the history of the pledge, the ways that it has changed over time, and the most common occasions during which the pledge is recited.

Then, students spent the rest of the week memorizing the words on their own, and by the end of the week, each student was able and excited to recite the pledge from memory to one of their teachers.

Currently, Lower Elementary’s continuing study of the United States has taken them to revisit the variety of flags that our nation has used over the course of its existence, including some of the flags that were adopted by the original colonies before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Students have enjoyed choosing one of these early flags and making a replica of their own.

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