Practical Life

The purpose of Practical Life in a Montessori classroom is to help the child gain control of her movements and build independence. These works appeal to Primary-aged children who can often be heard saying, “I can do it!”. Practical Life exercises can be categorized into four different groups: preliminary applications, applied applications, grace and courtesy, and control of movement.

Over the course of this year, we have been introduced to several engaging and exciting works in applied applications which are activities that can be found in every day life. Sorting beads into colored bowls with a wooden spoon. Bags and bags of carrots have been peeled. The children have loved practicing with a real hammer (after donning real safety goggles first!) to pound golf tees into an enormous pumpkin. Finger muscles are then strengthened by pulling tees back out. The cubby area is mindfully cared for by cleaning off the boot shelves and another child is practicing using a screwdriver with different sized screws. These pictures show concentration and pride as our students practice and master what they see adults doing every day.

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