Plants in Primary


The Primary unit recently began their unit on plants. Spring is the perfect time to talk about plants as they begin growing all around us! We’ll be watching our vegetable garden grow as our discussion progresses.

First we talked about roots and stems. Roots are typically the first part to emerge from a seed, drawing in water and nutrients and keeping the plants firmly in place. We had many examples of roots on our shelf—beets, radishes, carrots, and turnips.

Then we discussed stems, which move water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. We put celery in a jar of red water which allows us to observe the movement of water from the jar to the top of the celery.

When we are in our outdoor classroom, we have been observing the plants as they emerge from the ground and the leaves appearing on the trees. Simply being in the outdoors can be one of the greatest learning experiences we can provide!

We will continue to talk about additional parts of the plant in the coming weeks.

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