Part of Speech, Centrifugal Force and the 1/2/3 Heidi Links

In the Primary class with Carla and Kris this week, the students have been learning about three parts of speech (articles, adjectives, and nouns). The students are representing each part of speech with a different colored pyramid. Diagramming sentences in a fun way!

Students were outside learning about centrifugal force with Carla and Heidi. The students had a bolt tied to the end of a rope. The students were the Sun and the bolt was the Earth. The students twirled the rope in a circle very fast, centrifugal force. When students let go- wheeeeee! No more centrifugal force!

Heidi’s Link Round Up for Autumn
In 1/2/3 Science, with our exploration of the beginnings of the Solar System, we have watch various segmentsExit fullscreen of NOVA and Nature videos in class that you and your student may enjoy watching at home. Each website has many interactive options that are amazing! Some rainy Saturday, check them out and have fun!


Our Solar System:

The Sun:

Don’t forget that we will be collecting pledges/donations for the St. Jude Mathathon this week. Please send your money in early.

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