Parent Community Organization

In our classrooms, students become much like a family, supporting one another in learning and growing.

Outside of the classroom, our parents become family, too. Together, they help support their children and the school with open communication and support in their areas of expertise.

In our experience, open communication between staff and families, and between families themselves, helps create an environment where we can all grow and thrive.

Curriculum Meetings
Each fall McGuffey holds Curriculum Meetings where parents are invited to learn about the curriculum in each classroom and what their children will be learning that year.

Family Work Hours Program
As part of the Family Work Hours Program, parents help improve an maintain our facilities and curriculum. If you are a family looking for a way to complete your Family Hours, please contact Jennie Wright.

Social Events
Parents and families often gather for social events, from our Back-to-School picnic to an adults-only evening affair. This provides an opportunity for parents to get to know one another and meet their children’s friends. Please attend these events! It is important to your children to be able to share their world with their parents—and it’s likely you’ll make a few new friends yourself!

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