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Dental + Health Forms Clarification
According to the state of Ohio, all preschoolers, Kindergarteners and new students are required to have a health examination and signed dental examination form. For preschool and Kindergarten, these forms expire after 13 months from the date of physician signature. The school maintains a Google Doc outlining when each student’s form expires. Primary students are not allowed to attend school when these forms have expired.

Periodic health and dental examinations are strongly recommended for continuing students. Pursuant to state law, we communicate updated information about student vaccinations each fall.

To provide updated vaccination information, take the Health Examination Form to your pediatrician or get a copy of their vaccine records from them and bring it to the office. Families who do not vaccinate their child need to submit a letter for our files indicating the reason. Ohio allows exemption based on religious, medical or philosophical reasons.

Dental Examination Form

Health Examination Form Can be used for updated vaccine information. To prevent a second trip, be sure that the physician signs and dates the form.

Medication/Supplement Form

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