McGuffey House Museum

Our HS students visited the McGuffey House Museum on Miami’s campus where we learned about the origins of the name Miami and the origin of the name of our school. Many thanks to local experts Steve Gordon of the McGuffey House, and Andrew Sawyer of the Myaamia Center. We learned SO MUCH!

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Thanks to friends in the Lower Elementary classroom, Primary students were gifted more leaves than usual. An entire day (and still going!) was spent in sensory play with the leaves. Sensory play is a crucial educational component promoting curiosity, problem solving, and creativity. It also helps connect neurons to develop language and motor skills.

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Spirit Wear

What a delight to see students, staff, parents, and board members sporting McGuffey spirit wear. You can still order through the Gotcha Covered website for pick-up orders. The sweatshirts and sweatpants have received rave reviews for coziness.

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That’s a Wrap on Chicago, Days 3 & 4. Welcome Home!

Welcome home, Middle Schoolers and staff! A huge thank you to Mark, Dean, and Teresa for guiding our kids on a fantastic trip. Day three was “choice museum day.” Some folks went to the Field Museum of Natural History and the other group went to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. They ended the day with a delicious dinner at Greek Islands.

Day four started out by visiting the Bean, Millennium Park, and the start of Rte 66. Before loading on the bus, they got in a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Chicago, Day Two

Day two of the Middle School trip started with breakfast which we had shopped for the previous night. After fueling up, we hit the train and headed for Chicago’s Chinatown. It was a terrific opportunity to look at the positive ways that the immigrant community has impacted this country.

After Chinatown, we let the kids explore Water Tower Place in smaller groups and grabbed lunch. Next, we were off to the Willis Tower and “The Ledge.” What a great way to face a fear of heights! Several of our students challenged themselves to step out onto the glass floor high above the city. It was great to see our students face their fears while being fully supported by their classmates.

Everyone was tired after a full day but but looking forward to “choice museum day” on day three!

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Chicago, Day One

On Monday, McGuffey revived the Middle School trip. Students arrived in Chicago by Greyhound bus and got a taste of the Windy City right away. After settling in at our hostel, we headed back into the city for some Chicago style pizza at Giordano’s. Afterwards, we visited Calder’s Flamingo and then took the train back to Greek Town.

Day two will include lots of sightseeing, including Chinatown and the Willis Tower.

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Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photographer Steve Gifford visited our High School to show some of the amazing animals that live right in our area. He especially likes to take photos of bobcats.

Many of his photos have been used by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to encourage the preservation of species and their habitats.

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Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day

Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day was a huge success! We estimate McGuffey had 65–70% participation, especially impressive for a slightly drizzly day. A lot of our staff walked or biked, too, including our head of school, Nancy! Students arrived to flags, music, bracelets, and a chance to add their name to the driveway list of participants. 

We’re already looking forward to the next Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day. Thanks to everyone who helped and took part!

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Congress and Interest Groups

In American Government, High School students discussed Congress and Interest Groups. They learned the differences between influencing, manipulating, lobbying, and bribing. By playing the roles of Senators and Interest Groups, they could manipulate language and ideas to see how money and gifts change hands.

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Canoeing Trip

Our high school students had the good fortune of a beautiful fall day to canoe and hike at Hueston Woods. We were guided by naturalist Shawn Conner who gave expert advice on how to to paddle, how to stay upright in a canoe (!) and about the birds that were active near the water.

We also enjoyed a stroll through one of the few remnants of Ohio’s original forest. We gazed upon enormous Tulip Poplars and learned about the understory trees, like the Pawpaw and Redbuds which are hosts to specific species of butterflies. We felt fortunate to have a state park near our school to enjoy. 

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