W.O.W. Art Show, Part One

SILO: My project is a silo. My silo is made out of clay and popsicle sticks. I made a silo because I like being on the farm and it reminds me of the farm.

CLAY CAT: My project is clay cats and a little bed for them. It is made out of clay, paint, felt, string, and stuffing. I made it because I love making stuff with clay and I love cats.

THE GIANT EAGLE: My project is a giant eagle made out of cardboard that I plastered and then painted. I made it because it seems cool. My favorite part is the wings.

MECHANICAL FOX: My creation is made of many materials like cardboard, plastic, and fake fur. I like doing stuff like this because it’s fun.

TREE HOUSE: My project is a tree house. It is made of cardboard, plastic, and wood. I was thinking about the forest at the time.

FASHION SHOW: My project is a fashion show. My project is made out of wood, cardboard, and fabric. I made it because I wanted to make something my friend would like.

BEE ON A STICK: My bumble bee on a stick mimics a bumblebee. The bumble bee is made of a stick and a wooden statue. It is a non-stinging bumble bee.

FISH NECKLACE: This is a beaded necklace that looks like a little fish. It looks bouncy on your neck. It is made out of beads, thread, metal.

BIG HOUSE IN THE ART ROOM: A house made out of craft sticks, hot glue, and metal hinges.i___________________________________________________________

During the Harvest Supper on October, artists in Grades 3-8 presented their Wonderful Original Works (W.O.W.) projects in an art show. The artists developed a plan for their project and worked on their pieces over the course of 6 weeks. From sculptures of animals, self portraits, and wire crowns, artists presented projects that they were passionate about and dedicated towards. Artists in Grades 1-2 presented group projects which included air dry pinch pots and papier mâché snakes. All W.O.W. projects were paired with an artists statement which were carefully crafted for display. 

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SOAR has begun! SOAR, Students Outside Active and Running, is a Physical Education activity that promotes walking, running and goal setting. Students set a goal for their own mileage and then run or walk during recess for two weeks. They collect a “foot” charm for each mile to add to their SOAR necklace. Sometimes siblings and parents run, too. Thank you to all of the McGuffey families who help punch cards and cheer on McGuffey students.

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We all belong at Sing-along.

Our entire school meets once a month to sing songs together. Parents, grandparents, and siblings often join us. Singing together is a way to build bonds in our community and have tons of fun. Grades seven and eight work hard to play their ukes at Sing-along and other grades are often assigned to help everyone remember motions that go with the songs.

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Both the Primary and Lower Elementary classrooms made bread. Primary students are studying solids, liquids and gas. Talking about how bread rises is a perfect and delicious way to learn. Students also worked together making butter to eat with their bread. 

Lower Elementary students made pesto from their classroom garden. The pesto was a huge hit. Being a part of creating recipes makes trying new foods fun. Lower Elementary students learned what goes into bread and how all of the bubbles make the bread rise. 

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Glen Helen, Day 3

During day three at the Glen, students continued to explore the natural world and its inhabitants. We watched and identified birds, visited the Raptor Center for an up close visit with an American kestrel, and played some cooperative games to build our teamwork. 

Thursday’s 4:30s brought some old favorites: sticks (the Glen Helen version of capture the flag) and cookie baking!

Friday is the last day at the Glen. It’s been a great week of outdoor fun and we’re all looking forward to seeing our families on Friday.

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Glen Helen, Day 2

The all-day hike meant fewer pictures on the trail but the kids enjoyed their day out in the Glen. When they returned we had a fun batch of 4:30s including building primitive shelters and meeting the reptiles of the Glen. The night ended with a campfire outside our dorm and some night-time tag games.

Thursday brings more exploration and the always popular night hike!

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Glen Helen, Day 1

McGuffey students arrived at Glen Helen Tuesday and were welcomed by the Glen’s naturalists. Shortly after, students were able to head out on their first hikes of the week. 

Everyone had fun during Glen Helen’s 4:30 activities, a time when students choose what kind of projects they want to do. In the evening we were treated to a fun night of skits. We can’t wait for the all-day hike on Wednesday!

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Glen Helen

The Upper Elementary students and teachers are off to Glen Helen! In keeping with McGuffey tradition, the entire school came out to cheer them on. Middle Schoolers volunteered to load bags into the back of the bus. Thank you, Gelen Helen, for what will be an incredible week of adventure, learning, and fun.

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Game Day in Upper Elementary

This year Upper Elementary is having “board game time” once a month on a Wednesday afternoon. It is a nice social period that allows them to spend time with a student they might not always work with. 

Cooperation, friendly competition, discussing rules, taking turns, and listening to peers are abilities that are strengthened by playing games together. This time helps to foster these social skills that will help our students succeed in life.

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Staff Openings For Fall 2023

McGuffey Montessori is seeking staff for our Extended Care program. During Extended Care, which includes before and after school care, students spend time outside and are part of a “neighborhood” setting with friends of all ages and the choice of individual or group play. See our employment page for information and instructions on how to apply.

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