Oxford Kinetics Festival

Oxford will be celebrating the Oxford Kinetics Festival on April 9th from 12–3pm.

The Festival is a one-day exhibition of kinetic sculpture during an exciting event for Southwest Ohio. Submissions should be kinetic in some way and should demonstrate or exploit mechanical movement. Both adults and children are welcome to participate. Check out these photos for inspiration!

The main event on April 9, 2011 kicks off with empowering workshops, creative demonstrations for people of all ages and local music. The Oxford Memorial Park in Uptown Oxford, Ohio will be dedicated to this outdoor exhibition from 11 am – 3 pm. The festival will also feature morning kinetics workshops, live music, and “the Scramble,” a fantastic race of human powered contraptions. Oxford Kinetics Festival will serve to both stimulate and connect our region’s cultural creatives, energetic tinkerers, and garage inventors to foment a creative community.

A series of Saturday workshops will be offered by the Miami University Sculpture Department for all skill levels. Their free expertise will help you realize your fantastical ideas! Workshops will run from 10am-3pm on March 19 and 26.

The deadline for entering is March 19th, so get busy creating!

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