Orange Pear Apple Bear

This week we had music partners to work on an early rhythm exercise for the pre-primary unit. Not only did the younger set get their first lesson in composing with rhythm, the older students had a chance to cement the knowledge they’ve gained this year. The pre-primary unit was divided into three and each part had a chance to work with another unit: primary, intermediate and upper. After dividing into small groups, an older child read the wonderful book Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett. Next, each group was given a set of tiles with a picture of an orange, pear, apple, bear or the word “there” on each one. The tiles were used to compose a rhythm sentence then played for the entire group using un-pitched instruments like drums or claves. Afterward, there was time for the older students to discuss whether the lesson was easy to grasp (yes, for the kindergartners) or difficult (yes, for the preschoolers.) Easy or difficult, everyone had a great time!

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