“Oh how we hate to get up in the morning!”  

mathmorningsThis year, students in Grades 7 and 8 have made shifts in order to arrive at school to start mathematics at 8:30am. This allows them to receive a full 60 – 90 minutes of math each day. Marcia, their mathematics teacher arrives well before 8am to prepare for their arrival.

In addition to the traditional curriculum content of Algebra and Pre-Algebra, each class begins with a Problem of the Day, Venn Diagram Puzzler, Code Breaker, or another 4 – 6 minute challenge. These activities review previously taught concepts, encourage the use of mental math and logic, and allow students to see where they might need some extra help or to ask a question. Marcia always ends this first part of the class with a word puzzle.

I’ll be
right away

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