Netflix is Up!

6th and 7th graders are continuing to play the Stock Market Game.  On Monday (1/28) the spread between 1st place and 10th place in the Elementary Division was $7,064.22.  In this division, our teams are in 6th ($108,435.95), 8th ($104,641.86), 21st ($101,271.73), and 35th ($96,586.50) places out of 37 teams.  In the Intermediate Division, the first place team has $113,742.66.  Our teams in this division are in 15th ($102,104.57) and 17th ($101,613.51) places out of 29 teams.  

Students are given class time once a week to check their portfolios and buy/sell stocks.  They may also use Learning Studio time to work with their partners if they want to.   It has been interesting for students to watch their choices over a much longer period of time than the usual 10 week game.  The “year-long” game does not end until April.  

One team purchased Netflix stock at approximately $89 and it is now over $165.   How far can it go and when should we sell?????
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