Music makes us hungry

Introducing Rhythm Pizzas! First, the Lower Elementary was introduced to Rhythm Pizzas as a way to visually understand 4/4 as the most common time signature and how different rhythmic values fit into the whole measure – or in this case, the whole pizza. Word spread and 4/5 wondered if they could work with them…  then the 6/7/8 wondered as well.  Each group divided into their teams so they could cooperatively work on the rhythm baking. After building pizza pies with each note value, teams were challenged to come up with 5 slice pizzas, 7 slice pizzas and more, then explain why those slices made a whole. It was fun and everyone gained insight as they felt and saw how halves, quarters, and eighths fit together to make the whole pie. And boy, did we want pizza by the end!  IMG_2689 IMG_2701 IMG_2708 IMG_2711 IMG_2716 IMG_2721

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