Primary: Monarchs!

The Primary unit, with Carla, Kris, and Heidi has been learning about the fascinating life of Monarch butterflies. For the last couple of weeks, Heidi has been joining our room to help us learn more about Monarch butterflies.

The students have learned that Monarchs love to eat milkweed, which is their only food source in the caterpillar stage. The students have also learned that the most amazing thing about Monarchs is their enormous migration undertaking each year. They leave their home in the United States or Canada and head south.

Last week Heidi gave the students a packet of information and pictures about Monarchs.  During our “work periods” the students researched Monarchs and made their own books. Below are pictures of students sharing their books about Monarch butterflies. They really enjoy reading to the class.

Then, the students got to look at their own caterpillars. They measured their caterpillar to see what stage it was in, depending on how long it was.  There were certainly lots of excited, happy students. The students cannot wait to see their caterpillars change to beautiful butterflies.

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