Middle School Chicago Trip: Day One

Tuesday was the middle school’s first full day in Chicago and we saw a lot! We started on the South Side and ended in the North. Many miles were walked and they had many new experiences.

We started the day with a train ride to Chinatown located in the South Side of Chicago. The children enjoyed experiencing the sights in Chinatown. Chicago has the second largest Chinatown in the US (outside of San Francisco) and it was fun showing them a vibrant ethnic neighborhood in a major US city. We visited Chinatown Square where the students posed with their Chinese zodiac symbols and ended up our tour in Ping Tom Memorial Park.

From there it was back on the “El” for a train ride back into downtown Chicago where we walked the “Magnificent Mile”. The students saw many of Chicago’s architectural landmarks like the Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower, and The Old Water Tower. The walk ended at Oak Street Beach where everyone had a chance to skip stones or just sit with their toes in the sand.

Tonight we will be heading up to the world famous Kingston Mines blues club for dinner and the early show. Tomorrow we hit the Art Institute and the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.

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