Measuring heights, multiplying decimals

The 7th graders are continuing their study of similarity.  This week, we went outside and used mirrors and similar triangles to measure the heights of the main building (38′ 10″), the picnic pavilion (11′ 4″), the fir tree in the front yard (46′ 9″) and the school’s oak tree (78′ 11″).  Poor Patrick had to crawl inside the fir tree to measure the distance to the base of the tree.  This week we will finish watching the newest version of Gulliver’s Travels and begin working on our project of enlarging and shrinking objects. 

The 6th graders are continuing their work with decimals.  Last week we learned how to multiply decimals.  This week we will look at what happens when decimals are multiplied by powers of 10 (10, 100, .1, .001, etc).  You may remember your teachers telling you to “move the decimal point”.  We will be using a “tool” called the Place Value Slider which will give students a more hands on look at what happens to a decimal number when it is multiplied by 10’s.  
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