McGuffey goes Cairo—come see our work on Friday!

Grades K-6 have been looking closely at the artistic style and cultural contributions of the people of ancient Egypt. We’ve been very busy replicating “gold” jewelry, amulets, hieroglyphic writing, little mummies and sarchaphogi. During all that art-making we talked about ancient beliefs, social status, farming, pyramid building, colonialism, museum collections, and Egypt-mania in Europe and America. The older students watched the 1930s version of “The Mummy” starring Boris Karloff and ended up being quite adept film critics as far as story content, costumes and set design.

We are going to have a Egyptian Mini-Exhibit Open House on Friday, September 30th from 3:30–6:00pm in the Art Room. Please stop by and see what the students have been doing and enjoy some food and company. Students/families are encouraged to bring food to share. Students should also bring back any art replicas they may have taken home so we can get them in the exhibit during the week’s setup.

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