Mathathon, similar figures and multiplying decimals

The Mathathon is over and all the donations and pledges have been collected and sent off to St. Jude. Our final total was $1351. That is about $600.00 more than we collected last year. I am waiting for word from St. Jude in order to give them the order for t-shirts, etc.

For the next two weeks, the 7th graders will be learning about similar figures. We have already made a house of enlarged tangram pieces. We will be looking at the properties of similar figures with Geometer’s Sketchpad and then use proportions to find the height of some objects which we are unable to measure using conventional methods.

The 6th Grade have just begun learning about how to multiply decimals. We used lattice multiplication to help us discover how to determine the number of place values we need in the product. Next we will look at how to multiply decimals by 10, 100, etc.

Intermediate and Upper Students assisted at The Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry. The students helped to shelve donated items and pack Holiday Food Bags during the busy week before Thanksgiving. The students were a wonderful help and learned a little about the amazing service the pantry provides in our community.

“There’s No Science Like Food Science” and no better time to “experiment” than just before Thanksgiving. The Upper unit students created dishes with a “fugue” theme (mushroom lasagna, yeasted soft pretzels and a yogurt dessert). The Intermediate students experimented with a solid and a liquid changing into the non-newtonian fluids in cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Data indicated that everything was delicious and fun!

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