Math Detour, Algebra and Tinker Plots

6th graders have been working with decimals, percents, and fractions.  This week, we are taking a detour to look at ratios and proportions.  Later we will look at how these two topics are related.

7th graders began Algebra I on Monday.  They are finding that while they are familiar with some of the material, the work load has increased.   They are all doing much better with the neatness and organization of their work.  We continue to work on giving clear explanations using correct mathematical vocabulary (we no longer talk about the “thingy in the bottom of the fraction”). 

6th and 7th graders continue to work with Tinker Plots.  Last week we began an activity to decide if a cat named Chubbs was really chubby with respect to the other cats included in the data.  Students used graphs comparing different attributes such as body length, eye color, etc to make a decision.

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