Making Personal Timelines in Lower Elementary


Students in Lower Elementary recently completed work on their Personal Timeline projects. This project is part of our History curriculum and aims to help students learn more about how time unfolds and how they can begin to view their own life in the context of the time that has passed since they were born. Prior to this project, they learned about different ways to measure time, including days (and the origins of the names of our days), weeks, months (and the origins of their names, too), years, decades, centuries, and millennia.

For the Personal Timeline project, students brought in one photo for each year of their life so far. They glued these photos to a poster, made note of which photo represented which year of their life, and then wrote a sentence for each year, either describing what the photo depicted or one thing they did during that year.

After everybody finished their timelines, we displayed them all in our classroom and allowed students to walk around and see these small glimpses into each other’s lives. We will be keeping these timelines in the classroom until our Celebration of Learning next week when you can come see them for yourself.

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