Lower Elementary’s Expanded Outdoor Classroom

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Lower Elementary’s outdoor classroom was expanded at the end of the summer in order to encompass more space for running, as well as to enclose the patio and garden areas. Students have been taking great advantage of all the extra room… this year’s games of tag and hide-and-seek have been much livelier than in years past!

Also of note in Lower’s outdoor classroom is the new Outlast block set from Community Playthings. We can’t wait to see all the games and structures that will be built with these blocks; we’ve already had several forts and a pie store.

After the heavy rain over the weekend, students arrived on Monday morning to find that a lake of rainwater had gathered on top of the sandbox cover. Since this made the cover too heavy to properly remove, everyone took turns bailing out the water with buckets and carrying the water to our thriving gardens. It was quite the team effort to open the sandbox that day!

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