Lower Elementary Learns About Hanukkah


Before leaving for winter break last month, students in Lower Elementary were given a presentation about Hanukkah from Ayelet Yariv, a frequent substitute teacher in our classrooms and an Extended Day staff member here at McGuffey. Ayelet, who is from Israel, showed our students a variety of menorahs (or Hanukkiahs) and explained their significance as well as how they are used during the celebration of the holiday. She also showed us her collection of dreidels and explained how one symbol on the dreidel differs based on where the dreidel was made, with dreidels sold in Israel depicting a letter that means “here,” while dreidels sold elsewhere in the world generally depict a letter that means “there.”

Ayelet left a few of her dreidels in our classroom so that students could take turns using them for the rest of the day. Thanks, Ayelet!

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