Lower Elementary begins their study of the United States


This week, students in Lower Elementary began their study of the United States. Earlier in the year, they learned the location of various countries around the world and where they are located on each continent, and now, we’re focusing in even further on our own section of North America. We’re starting this unit by working on two different types of puzzles, both of which depict the fifty states of the USA.

Working on these puzzles helps each student learn the general shape of our country, as well as the general location of all fifty states. Coming up over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharpening our knowledge of each state’s location on the map, and we’ll also be learning the capitals of each state. Along the way, we’ll study the flag of the United States, its history, and what its design represents, and we’ll take a look at some of the other well-known symbols of America, too.

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