Link your Kroger Plus card to McGuffey!

Have you linked your Kroger Plus card to McGuffey yet? If you have, you will notice that it tells you your purchase benefits McGuffey at the bottom of your receipt. Take a look the next time you visit a Kroger to ensure your everyday shopping benefits your school.

This is a great way for family and friends to support the school, so make sure to remind them. McGuffey receives a percentage from every purchase you make, including gas!

To create an online account and register your Kroger Plus card for the Community Rewards Program:

  • Start here.
  • Click on “Get started. Sign up today!” in the “New to” box.
  • Sign up by entering your email address, password, and zip code. Select your favorite store.
  • Enter your Kroger Plus card information.
  • You will then get a message to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email.
  • Click on “My Account”.
  • Click on “Community Rewards”.
  • Update or confirm your information.
  • Enter McGuffey’s NPO number (80713) and click on confirm.
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on in the Community Rewards section of your account information.
  • Remember, purchases will not count for your group until after you register your card.

QUESTIONS? NEED HELP? Please call Ingrid or Nancy, (513) 523-7742.

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