LE Changemakers

We are changing the world! We’re really doing it! We’re making a real impact!” were just a few of the comments enthusiastically sung by our Lower Elementary students, reading about the impact that their Changemakers project has already made. 

Students in Grades 1/2/3 have been working tirelessly on their Changemakers project, identifying problems that matter to them and using their voices to advocate for change. Students crafted speeches, made advocacy posters, and even produced their own videos of the speeches. Yet, one student said after the videos were done, “we have to get the word out! This isn’t done yet!” He was right.

Miami University got wind of the incredible work students were doing, and wanted to know more! After much planning, students spent a whole morning at a local park presenting their posters, gallery-walk style, and giving speeches about their chosen causes. Turnout was incredible, and students were able to share their work with multiple Early Childhood education classes, department faculty, and various Miami staff. In addition to their in-person presentations, Miami communications did a video and written news article on the work they’ve been doing that went out to over eight thousand Ohio school principals, superintendents, and Deans of other colleges. This is in addition to the video and article being showcased in six different web locations, as well as three different newsletters. Talk about a real world impact.

Students recognized that, though they were passionate about their chosen causes, they also hope viewers see the inherent passion and potential that lies within each child and to give them the space to do the incredible things they are so clearly capable of. To sum it up best, one student said “We’re standing up for what we believe in, but even more than that, we’re standing up for kid’s rights. More adults should see what we’ve done, and treat kids better, and let other kids do this too, because we can make a difference.” Hear their voices, heed their causes. 

To catch a look at the newsletter and video, check out this link: https://www.miamioh.edu/ehs/news/2021/04/changemakers.html 

To hear their speeches, visit: https://www.miamioh.edu/ehs/news/2021/04/changemakers.html 

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