Last day of school


We celebrated the last day of school with our annual family gathering. Parents and friends brought amazing food to share, followed by the egg drop. Children from preschool on up crafted ingenious contraptions, hoping their egg would survive intact when dropped from the roof. As always, this is such a fun event!

We closed out the picnic with a student concert. Each grade band performed. Pre-Primary performed Tom Chapin’s “This Pretty Planet”, Primary performed a rhythmic and vocal exercise, intermediate played a song they composed on the beautiful Orff instruments, and the upper students performed a short play they wrote themselves. We ended the afternoon with the students teaching all the parents and friends “This Pretty Planet”.

Thank you all for being a part of the 2012/13 school year. It has been a year full of amazing moments. We look forward to even more in the coming year.

Have a fantastic summer!

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