Kindergarteners begin woodworking!

Our art kindergarten studio is beginning a unit on woodworking! We have already spent some time familiarizing ourselves with the individual tools, and now we are beginning to practice using each one. This week we explored the saw.

Our first task was to gather some wood. Being budget and resource conscious, we took a trip outside to search for sticks that had fallen during the recent snowfall.

We talked about safety—always put on your goggles right after you open your toolbox, keep track of your fingers and thumbs, and never take your eyes off your work. We practiced starting a cut and then used our patience to saw slowly and methodically. We’re certain Norm Abram would agree that a patient woodworker is a good one! We noticed some wood was soft, and easily cut through, while other wood posed much more of a challenge.

We will slowly make our way through the tools in our toolbox and then charge into an actual project. So far, the kindergarteners are loving this unit and are so proud of being trusted with “real tools.”

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