Kenya and Harambee

Last week Pre-Primary began talking about Kenya. Kenya is exciting for many reasons for children this age. Kenya is well-known for its diverse wildlife and abundant tourist industry. If you want to see an elephant or giraffe, Kenya is the place to go! We’ll be exploring many of these animals during our Africa unit.

However, another aspect of Kenya we were excited to discuss is Harambee. Harambee is the Kenya’s motto, and means “all pull together” in Swahili. It is a cultural understanding that if something needs to be done, they pull together to get it accomplished. This could mean building a new school or raising money for someone in need. It is how Kenyans build and maintain communities.

We’ve decided that the idea of Harambee is one we should keep in mind in our own classroom culture. When there is a need, it certainly is faster and easier when we all pitch in to help.

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