Kaleidoscopes, Codes, and the Mathathon

Working further with mirrors this week, the 4/5 Science students created kaleidoscopes and shared them with each other. They also experimented with different angles of mirrors to see how their reflections change. Lastly, they are researching LASERs- how they work, their uses and the different types.

The 4/5 Math students explored the connection between division and fractions. They also have begun to explore graphing and coordinates. They have used the coordinate system to write codes to share with their friends.

This week we will be kicking off our annual St. Jude’s Mathathon.  Students will have an opportunity to view a short video (age appropriate) about the work that St. Jude Hospital does with sick children.   On Monday (10/08/12) students received a donor envelope along with a letter with information about St. Jude and the Mathathon.  If you did not receive this envelope or letter, please ask your child or check their backpack.  On the front of the envelope is a detachable permission slip that parents need to sign and return to me (Marcia) as soon as possible.  At the end of the Mathathon (10/19/12), envelopes, with donations/pledges, should be returned as soon as possible (the week of Oct. 23) so that I can send the money off to St. Jude.

Students will be able to choose a Mathathon book in which they will work during Learning Studio.  If you would like to see the book that your child is working on, please let me know and we will make arrangements for the book to come home.  But, please, remember it needs to come back to school the next day.  Students will be given their books to bring home at the end of the event.  

The Legend of Troy–fact or fiction???  We will break Homer’s epic Iliad into sections so we can experience one of the most important pieces of Greek literature, as the upper unit continues its study and exploration of ancient civilizations. We have learned that people leave a piece of themselves behind and no people left more for us to discover than the ancient Greeks. The Greeks reasoned that any individual could be important, people should be responsible for creating their own happiness and ordinary people could create a sensible government. It has been very interesting to make connections with an important election year!

 Past elections, debates, and presidents are all involved in the intermediates’ study of ‘our country’ and our ‘government’. We want to make the most of current events and early American history.   We are preparing to set up our own ‘voting poll’ so McGuffey can VOTE!!!

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