Janet’s List for Snowbound Families

Make cookies. Or soup. Or spaghetti (blue is nice!)

Take the canned and boxed goods out of the cupboard and play store! Use real money if you don’t have toddlers who might eat it.

Make sock puppets! (Even new and/or current socks can have taped on eyes, ribbons, yarn hair etc.)

Put on a puppet play from behind the couch.

Make “boats” from any odd boxes or laundry baskets you might have. (I can’t believe how happy they often are to stay in them for hours!)

Put them in the tub with a few drops of food coloring. Blue is very ocean-y! You can do this several times a day!

Play hide and seek with toys. Hide them during naptime and then “find” them in the “witching hour”!

Clean out the refrigerator and make Veggie Pets out of the “past its prime” produce.

Wrap their toys in anything (newspaper, paper towels, old Christmas wrap) and have a treasure hunt! (Older, forgotten toys come alive this way!)

Do you have any old Halloween costume pieces to pull out?

A sheet on the floor is a picnic or a kingdom. Towels become islands. Good for sleeping and hopping (lily-pad to lily-pad).

Pillowcases are good for being Santa or “going camping.”

Make a fort under the kitchen/dining room table with sheets, blankets and/or bedspreads.

Get out markers, crayons etc. and draw. Then use masking tape to turn a wall (in the hall?) into an Art Gallery.

Build a town that goes all the way down the hall using can and box buildings (you can make “fake labels” for cans and boxes that say Bank, Movie Theater, Fire Department etc. from paper and tape/glue. No tape? Use string or yarn! Hint: DO NOT remove the original labels!)

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