It’s not easy being green

Recycling, or lack of it, has changed the face of the Earth. Mount Rumpke is the highest point in Hamilton County at over 1,000 feet. It’s no Mount Everest, however, Mount Everest is not made up entirely of garbage. Mount Rumpke is literally a mountain of trash and is located in the Rumpke landfill.

Statistically the United States recycles just about 28% of its waste today, which is doubled from what it was a decade ago.

We attempt to encourage the students at McGuffey to become aware of these important facts and recycle everything they can from their lunches. It is awesome when we see so many bringing lunches that are totally used or reused. The sixth grade students have jobs to make certain the recyclables get to the curb for pick up each week.

One of the items used regularly are “Green Works” cleaning wipes. They are compostable and 99% natural. We recycle the containers and donate the caps to a fundraiser. UNFORTUNATELY, we are running short on these wipes and are asking you to have a talk about recycling with your student and send in a container of wipes with them to show their support in McGuffey’s earth saving efforts!

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