It’s time to kick off our Read-a-Thon!

The MFS Read-a-thon will be starting tomorrow! The Read-a-Thon will run for one month, ending the day before spring break, March 25th.

The Read-a-Thon is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Sign up sponsors! Call your grandmother, uncle, or your friend next door and ask them if they’ll sponsor you for some amount per book. (Please do not go door to door or set up a booth at the grocery store!) Give your sponsor an estimate of how many books you might read… 30 books in a month, or one bigger one a week (4 a month!). Fill out the sponsor line on your form.

2. Start reading! All the reading you do counts… books at home, books at school, books you read to yourself, books someone reads to you, and books you read to someone else!

3. Keep records! You can have a reading record at school, at home, and anywhere else you are during the Read-a-Thon.

At the end of your month, tally your books and notify your sponsors. All funds raised will go to improving our school!

Questions? Contact Janet Kretschmer.

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