Intermediate and Upper Social Studies

In both the intermediate and the upper units, we studied our land and its first people. We found out where and why “tribes” settled in certain regions by the artifacts they left behind. We got to examine genuine Native American artifacts that were loaned to us by a local collector. We took an in-depth look at the Art of the Plains Indians and the life of the Navajo. We were in awe of the way they used the resources that were available to them.

The upper unit has continued to move through exploration and the 13 colonies. They are manipulating an interactive map on-line that shows the triangular trade routes that existed from North America, Europe, and Africa. We are moving onto the events that would ultimately lead to the Revolutionary War.

The intermediate unit is doing research on Revolutionary War heroes, both male and female. We found out that we gained our Independence through determination and battle. We learned that we still live by the laws established over 200 years ago in the constitution and that we live in a democracy thanks to our forefathers. We found that that our neighbor Canada gained their independence peacefully and that they have two national languages—French and English.

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