Intermediate and Upper Science

The third and fourth graders have been exploring what sound is, and how different sounds are produced. We have watched the evidence of the vibrations that the sounds we produce make, and how subtle changes in the materials we are working with can create different sounds. We have been using a PBS website to make these changes into music, and we have witnessed resonance vibrations in a video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge as well with the parallel bars on the playground. Sound like fun? It sure is!

During the next few weeks, the fifth and sixth graders are studying Health and Human Reproduction in Science. For this unit, we separate in two groups by gender. The gals are studying this unit first, while the guys have extra math and STEM time. In a few weeks we will switch, and the guys will have their turn to explore this unit. In the meantime, we are all exploring the world of Architecture and Design in the STEM classes. The students explored various architecture styles and have begun to use Google Sketchup to create some wonderful structures! We will go in depth with this unit over the next few months, focusing on multiple aspects of architecture and design.

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