Intermediate and Upper Math and Science

As part of their Architecture unit, the Upper Unit is working with Google Sketchup and taking their hand-drawn floor plans and creating a three dimensional model in sketchup. They will be focusing this week on their kitchens, and how to make a creative yet functional kitchen. Ask them about their “Kitchen Triangles”!

The Intermediate Unit is creating their own musical instruments in their STEM classes- they have created their designs and are now sawing, cutting, stringing and glueing them all together.

The Intermediate Unit is working on a health unit along with read aloud. They are exploring the PBS Kids website: It’s My Life for tweens. They have begun a journal and created “wheels” about themselves. Ask your students to share the site with you—it’s very fun! We have also begun incorporating a meditative quiet time at the end of this class. We talked about the importance of learning to be quiet (in sound and spirit), and how good it feels to be able to calm and center ourselves. They are doing wonderfully!

The Intermediate Unit is exploring multiplication in math, and have been focusing on equations that include 4, 6 or 7 this week. We have many manipulatives and strategies that we share to solve these equations. We also play lots of games to help us just plain memorize the single-digit “times-tables”. If you and your child would like to borrow a game for the weekend, please let me know and we can send it home with them.

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