In the Primary unit

The children have been very busy working on their goals for the first Trimester. We have just completed our unit on Geometry by making nets. (A pattern that you can cut and fold to make a model of a 3D shape.) They made their own nets and then they also enjoyed folding and making some pre- made funny faced ones.

Next, the children have been learning about making text to self connections in their reading. (When text makes students think of their own life.) I want the children to begin thinking about the kinds of connections they can make and how these connections make the story come alive.  We first began listening to the song “Rachel Delevoryas.” It is about a little girl who did not have any friends and children made fun of her. The children were then placed with a partner to discuss the song and come up with connections. We had a wonderful discussion with this song.

Last, but not least, we have been working on proper nouns. Take a minute and think about when you were in first or second grade. How did your teacher teach you about proper nouns? Probably, like mine, we had to open our workbooks and circle the picture that was a proper noun. Not at McGuffey! The students learned about proper nouns by making their own proper noun town. First, the children came up with the name of the town. Then they made and named buildings to put on their proper noun town. The name of our town is Banana Town. Then, we had to change it to Banana City because it got so big. Banana Church, Banana Bakery, Banana City Police Station, and even some clothing stores called Juniper and Magnolia (those sure sound familiar) are part of our city. Enjoy the picture below of our city or, better yet, come see it hanging in our room. Learning is sure fun at McGuffey!

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