Imaginative Play in Lower Elementary


Earlier this year, we shared some photos of Lower Elementary students building various things in their outdoor classroom with our new Outlast blocks. Although the newness appeal of these blocks has begun to fade ever so slightly for some students, we have a small crew of Grade 2 and 3 students who continue to find new uses for them. The blocks are so basic and durable, and the configurations so limitless, that building with them has proven to be a great way to stretch our students’ imagination.

Lately, our students have been using these blocks to construct a variety of vehicles. We’ve had one-person cars, cars for a group, and even a spaceship, as you can see in the photos above! Students also built an obstacle course earlier this week, which included some hurdles, a limbo station, and a ramp station that required students to connect two of the wheel-shaped blocks and roll them intact down the incline blocks. We can’t wait to see what creations will come next!

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