Hueston Woods Field Trip

huestonwoods1 huestonwoods huestonwoods3 huestonwoods4critterscreekfoundagiantcrayfishmillipedeLower Elementary shared a trip to Hueston Woods with the Upper Unit. We saw Great Egrets, Blue Herron, baby geese, Cardinals, Robins, and even a Baltimore Oriole. After our bird hike, we joined the Uppers for a romp in the stream where we hunted tadpoles and crawdads. We ended the day with a picnic and a great game of freeze tag.

The Upper Unit was invited to formally test a new exhibit at the Hueston Woods Nature Center. The exhibit, designed by alumni parent Dr. Michael Vanni and his students at Miami University, focuses on teaching people about the local Watershed. Our students took a pre-test before seeing the exhibit, a post-test afterwards and some students were interviewed on video. Dr. Vanni discussed watersheds, the development of the exhibit and the kinds of educational experiences one would want to have before going into Science in college. Lower Elementary students went through the exhibit too.

Be sure to ask your child what a watershed is and stop in to see the exhibit the next time you are at Hueston Woods. Thanks to alumni parent Dr. Chris Wolfe and to Dr. Vanni for coordinating this opportunity for our students!

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