History in Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary has had some exciting lessons in history. First, they learned about Mimar Sinan, who played a large role in developing what we now identify as Turkish architecture. He was responsible for designing many significant mosques for both Suleiman and his daughter, Mihrimah Sultan. Students were thrilled to be visited by Cory Driver, a McGuffey parent. He shared with us the research he did in Turkey, telling us more about the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman, and the cultural significance of mosques. 

The following week, there was a visit by Kadriye Walsh, our upper elementary and middle school math teacher, who lived in Turkey for the first 24 years of her life. She helped us with the new pronunciation of the country’s name—Türkiye. This change was made in 2022 and has been formally adopted by the UN. Kadriye talked to us about what it was like to grow up and go to school in Türkiye. She shared a bit about the history of the country, traditions, religion, architecture, and food. 

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