High School

McGuffey Montessori High school is a new and growing educational option for high schoolers in the Oxford region. We are building our program from the ground up, adding a new grade level each year as our pioneering students progress through high school. We are enrolling for Grades 9-12 for the 2022-23 school year.  

Our program builds on the Montessori experience that our students and families trust and value. We always consider first the developing needs of children as we plan our curriculum. And in our high school, we hold in mind the specific needs of adolescents as they are preparing themselves to be engaged, informed, self-actualized adults.

Students can come to us in high school for the first time or continue from our Middle School. Students can also come to us to prepare for vocational school.

During the 2021-22 school year, students will complete coursework in Physical Science, Chemistry, US History, Geometry, Economics, English, Spanish 1/2/3. A bi-annual curriculum engages students in a cross-disciplinary exploration of our unique location here in Ohio as we consider local history, geography, economics, fine art, and cultural traditions. Montessori high school programs also strive to include a student-led micro economy where products are grown or developed on site and become part of a production and exchange with the local community. While the current situation with COVID-19 may limit our ability to fully implement these practices, our students will work to develop this concept as a team this year.  

Students in Grades 9-10 are offered courses in a two year rotation, and in future years, Grades 11-12 will do the same. We offer courses necessary to meet the state of Ohio’s graduation requirements as well as some special offerings of our own.

Leadership Academy
The mission of the McGuffey High Leadership Academy is to focus on identifying and investing in the unique talents of each student and explore how they can leverage their talents to reach their personal and career goals. Through the Leadership Academy, students identify their strengths, learn strategies for building emotional intelligence, clarify their core values and how they influence decision making. They also learn how to lead as part of a team, sharing accountability and working together to create something they couldn’t create alone. In addition, students create a resume and navigate a job interview, and also engage in career exploration and job shadowing. The MMHS Leadership Academy will take place every year, preparing our students to graduate ready to lead.

Personalized College/Post-Secondary Admissions Coaching
Students at McGuffey High School receive four years of individualized college admissions support through our partnership with Estrela Consulting. Our Estrela consultant works closely with students and their families to help them find the “right fit,” both academically and socially, at colleges and independent schools across the U.S. and abroad.

We are now enrolling for 2022-23 and welcome you to inquire about future opportunities for your student. Please peruse our website to learn more about our philosophy, our values, our mission, and the rest of our programs and classrooms. A tour can be scheduled here.

Get to know our high school program through a video students made about their program.

Watch this great video from the American Montessori Society Video about Secondary Montessori.

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