High School Biology

In Biology, we have been learning about the structures, organization, and reproduction of cells using a variety of hands-on experiences. Students prepared their own slides from living cells, and even took their own photos!

A student carefully measures the ink absorbed by a 1-centimeter potato cube
Investigating the effect of surface area on nutrient absorption using a potato cell model
A photo shows a series of cards on a table depicting the stages of mitosis, accompanied by bead models of chromosomes
A bead model of the steps in mitosis
Students gathered around a gameboard at a large table
We played Cytosis, a game that mimics the functions of intracellular organelles. 
A student using a binocular microscope
Visualizing our own cheek cells.
A photo shows blue-stained onion root tip cells
Cellphone camera photo of a student-prepared slide showing mitosis in an onion root tip.
Onion root tip cells in various stages of mitosis
Detailed view of chromosomes in mitosis on student-prepared slide.
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