Handwriting 101

Learning to write legibly and fluently is no simple task. It takes coordination, persistence and lots of erasing. There are shortcuts to make it easier and tricks to train your fingers to do what you want them to do but it still takes practice—LOTS of practice! Shaving cream is a perfect medium for refining skills. It’s infinitely forgiving, fun to use, and it smells good. Clean-up is easily accomplished with a DRY cloth or paper towel, and then a damp one to finish.

We teach a traditional print format that is easy to form, legible, and converts smoothly to cursive. Some letters like “c”, “a”, “d”, “g”, and “s” begin at 2 on the clock. Try “a”…start at 2 o’clock, go back up to 12, around, past 9, past 6, past 3, touch the 2 and then back (straight down) to the line. The lower case letters “n”, “m”, “h”, “r”, “b” and “p” involve straight lines, “hills” and a bit of bouncing. “Go down, bounce up, around the corner, go down to touch the line.” A bit of doodling on a boring afternoon is fun. Try it, but remember that the menthol kind might sting if you get it in your eyes!

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