Intermediate and Upper: Greek Myths, voting, work, and Red Ribbon Week

Have you ever thought of “looking through Medusa’s eyes”?  Both the Upper and Intermediate Units looked at an adaptation of the classic Greek myth and its theme of good versus evil. We are trying to understand how point of view affects a story and how the Greek myths can deliver important ideas.

McGuffey voted! The students voiced their opinions and practiced voting. The polls were opened and the students cast their votes for President, Senator, Justices  of the Supreme Court (3), U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio State Senate, Ohio State Representative, Butler County Sheriff, Judge of Court of Appeals and 3 issues. We joined with the other schools in the Talawanda School District to participate in Kids Voting USA. What an exciting election year, with many “teachable moments”!

This past week, each intermediate and upper student went through all of the work they have done so far this year, organized each item, and took note of any work that was missing. They also reflected on their past work and finished anything they had left to do before the trimester ends. You will get to see some of their work at conferences on Thursday, November 15th.

Also, just before the weather became cooler, Amy Macechko, the Health and Wellness Coordinator for Talwanda School District, visited McGuffey. She discussed Red Ribbon Week (a nationwide opportunity for communities to support good decisions). As with other schools and businesses throughout Oxford, she donated red tulip bulbs for each student to plant. In the spring, these flowers will help us to feel a sense of community and reminds our students to make great choices for their health and wellbeing. Each student will get to plant a red tulip bulb around the school this fall. Some students have had a chance to plant them already, and it was a lot of fun!

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