Grains of sand and pearls of wisdom

10 things learned from the students while sitting in the sandbox:

  1. Sandboxes have no bottoms.  If recess was longer, you could dig all the way to the center of the Earth, which is filled with nickels.
  2. Sand is a natural beauty aid, especially when applied to the scalp.
  3. It is good manners to yell, “SANDSTORM” before throwing sand.
  4. The reason for filling a bucket with sand is because, “It’s empty.”
  5. Beach sand tastes salty; sandbox sand does not.
  6. If you make a sand mountain and chop off the peak, it becomes a sand volcano.
  7. Never eat peanut butter in the sand box on a windy day.
  8. One should always ask permission before bulldozing another person’s sand mountain.
  9. The beach is “funner” than a sandbox because “the sand castles stick together and you can decorate them with dead things.”
  10. The exact number of grains of sand in a sandbox is unknown, but is thought to be “about a hundred.”
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