Glorious Glen Helen

Before Winter Break, The third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders went to Glen Helen Environmental Education Center for a three day/ two night amazing trip. The weather was beautiful (except the day we left), and the programs were great. A few students got their annual illnesses out of the way before break, and had to leave early, but the students that remained had a wonderful time. Two of the students wrote a note for the blog to share with you their experiences.

Glen Helen was really cool for me because it was my last year. Now, I see things differently than I did in my first year, like the fact that I used to think that the Bird Hike was boring, but I’ve grown to love it. Of course, then there’s lunch. I used to think the food was bad, but now I kind of like it. I’m now to old to go to the Glen with school, but there is always summer camp!!! – Haden

“I enjoyed Glen Helen very much. When we got there, we set up our stuff, and hiked down to the lodge for lunch. Lunch was delicious. After lunch, we went on our hikes. My group went on the geology hike. There, we met Iggy, the igneous rock. He doesn’t talk much. After the hike, we had some down time.

Back at our cabin, I shared the books I had brought with some friends. After that we had dinner, followed by a great dessert. At 4:30s, I chose a shelter activity. We built great buildings out of what we found in the woods!

On the last day, I left my hat and water bottle in the trailside museum. They’re still there. Finally, it was time to go. Some students went home since they were sick, and only three of the original five in my group remained. That was my Glen Helen trip.” -Paul 


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