Glen Helen Day One

glenhelen1day1 glenhelen1day2 glenhelen1day5 glenhelen1day6glenhelen1day3Grades 4, 5 and 6 had a wonderful first day at Glen Helen. We arrived right on time, got unpacked quickly, had lunch, and were out hiking trails by early afternoon. Some trail groups got a close up look at animals, and another explored forest ecology. Before dinner, everyone had a chance to play in the snow. They threw snowballs, tried to build a snow fort, and created a game board with their footprints to play fox and mouse tag.

After dinner, the naturalists put on fun, silly skits and sang songs. Then we went back to the dorm for hot chocolate and dessert, played games, and listened to music before finally getting into bed. It was a full and very exciting day, and they are looking forward to tomorrow.

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